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James Anderson on Second Test Pitch

James Anderson reckons that the surface for the second test at Leeds is pacer friendly, but, the waywardness of the English pacers made it possible for West Indies to score as many runs as they did on Day 2.

As per Anderson, if the surface is helpful, it doesn’t mean it will do everything itself. The ball still has to be delivered in the correct places to dismiss the batsmen.

Whatever sort of wicket it may be, if the lengths and lines of the deliveries are wayward and the pressure is not built from both sides, the batsmen’s job becomes easy.

While there was good bowling in patches from England on Day 2, there was never a period where the bowlers made the batsmen feel the pressure consistently. The partnership among the bowlers was just not there.

Whenever there was a good over, it was followed by a pretty ordinary over where the batsmen got loose balls to score and the pressure got off them. Read more »


James Anderson has declared that HaseebHameed is better than Alastair Cook.

Anderson rated the 20-year old rising sensation above England’s highest Test run scorer.

Hameed has built quite a reputation for himself in such a short time in the international scene. He scored two half centuries in three Tests against India, despite scoring the second with a badly broken finger. The injury ended his tour and he requires a scan on another hand injury but he is expected to play in the Lancashire County Championship this season. He is play alongside Anderson on Friday at the Championship against Essex but Cook would be missing as he is sidelined.

“His ability and his talent is frightening for such a young lad, so I think he’ll cope with anything. He’s right up there,” Anderson opined. Read more »

James Anderson considers Bowlers to be Better Captain

James Anderson is not a supporter of the theory that it’s only the batsmen who can make great captains and not the bowlers.

Anderson says he can give examples of a lot of individuals who were specialists with the ball, but, absolutely excelled leading their respective sides whenever they had the opportunity. So, it surprises him that people are reluctant to put a bowler in charge of a team.

Anderson’s fast bowling partner Stuart Broad is someone whom the ECB has always seen as a leader.

Broad has had the privilege of leading England in a couple of ICC events in White-ball Cricket and even recently, he was in the frame for the post of England’s test captain which was vacant. He, however, didn’t get it at the end and it went to Joe Root.

Surprisingly Anderson, despite being a senior bowler than Broad, was not thought of as a possible option as test captain. His name was not there doing the rounds. Read more »


In his first Test cricket appearance in England, Virat Kohli had struggled against the moving ball, while James Anderson was the better of the duo.

However, Kohli went home and worked hard on his technique, thus pushing him up the ladder, to become the best batman in the cricket world and across all three formats of the game.

This was made manifest in the recent 5-match Test series between India and England as Kohli made history as the leading run-scorer of the series, before going on to claim his third double centuries so far in this year.

This series has seen Kohli score more than 600 runs yet, with an average more than 100. For James Anderson, who is England’s fast bowler, we are yet to see any spectacular performance from him in the series so far, thus meaning that between the duo, the Indian skipper is the clear winner.

And when asked about what he felt from the performance of the Indian Test Captain in the series, after Kohli’s double hundred at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai, during the first innings, Anderson declined praising his skills, but was quick to point out some of his flaws in his technique. Read more »

James Anderson comments on Seam Covering

James Anderson has disclosed that when a bowler covers the red cherry with his hands trying not to let the batter see the ball while he was running in, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is reversing.

At times, it is faked as well with the purpose of fooling the batter and make him believe that reverse swing has come to the picture.

Anderson says the guy who does that drama expertly is Stuart Broad as he often pretends to be keeping the ball away from batsman’s sight when there’s no need of that. In Anderson’s opinion, that’s not a bad way to deceive your opposition when there is not too much on offer from the conditions.

In the past decades, the bowlers were not bothered about covering the ball at all while executing reverse, but, after the ploy of the batting pairs to help each other recognize the direction of the swing of the ball in which the batter who was at the bowling end would give a hint to his colleague about that, the modern bowlers came up with this plan of keeping the whole of the ball inside the hand so that nobody could have an eye on it before it was let out of the hands, not even the non-striking batter.
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England proved to be Different in Limited over format

England has shown in the last one year or so that they are a different team in the limited-over format now.

After almost embarrassing themselves in World Cup in 2015, they introspected and certainly took the steps in the right direction by picking different sets of players for different forms of the game.

They have got rid of the solid, conventional batsmen and have given opportunities to some clean strikers of the ball and something similar they have done in the bowling department too.

Somebody like James Anderson who is obviously a legend in test match Cricket for England has been kept out of the shorter forms and the modern types of bowlers who are more of hit-the-deck types and are good deliverer of slower deliveries and cutters have been brought into the mix.

So, there has been some broad mindedness shown in selections and it has paid dividends as England has not been dominated by any of the oppositions in any of the limited-over series in the recent times.

Yes, they have lost a couple against Australia and South Africa, but, one can’t say they were outplayed in either of those series.

And that’s why, probably for the first time, they are one of the favourites going into an ICC tournament, that is the World Twenty 20 Championship 2016 which is to happen in India later this month. Read more »