James Anderson On Track To Play Against India

James Anderson, the England champion is getting fitter since the beginning of 5-match Test series against India after his return from a shoulder injury. Anderson, the leading wicket taker of England in Test series after achieving 540 calps in around 38 games was out of sight since June for medical reasons. However, he is now all prepared to come back in 15th July in Lancashire. He would be playing a 1st class fixture for his country against Yorkshire starting from 22nd July and soon after the first test against India would take place in Birmingham on 1st August.

Anderson had spent the previous month in getting his shoulder fixed which was injured. Before playing against India in 1st August, he would take part in the County Championship Division One match at Lancashire against Yorkshire.

Anderson recently made a statement that he wanted some rest to recover from his injury and especially to come back stronger to play against India. He said that he needed to get in the gym to make himself stronger before entering the field. The swing bowler was on a 6 week break to ensure that he comes back in better shape to face the upcoming competitions. Despite suffering from an injury on his arm, he did play successfully in both tests of 1-1 drawn series of England and took 9 wickets in total with an average of 19.11.

After watching the bowling attack made by Rohit Sharma, Anderson felt that the bowling wasn’t too bad. The whole credit was given to the centurion as he had well planned to play against the opposition and they were frustrated with the way Rohit Sharma played with his stroke play. Anderson said that Rohit was not only a T20 player, but also has the best talent to be on top across all formats.