James Anderson on Second Test Pitch

James Anderson reckons that the surface for the second test at Leeds is pacer friendly, but, the waywardness of the English pacers made it possible for West Indies to score as many runs as they did on Day 2.

As per Anderson, if the surface is helpful, it doesn’t mean it will do everything itself. The ball still has to be delivered in the correct places to dismiss the batsmen.

Whatever sort of wicket it may be, if the lengths and lines of the deliveries are wayward and the pressure is not built from both sides, the batsmen’s job becomes easy.

While there was good bowling in patches from England on Day 2, there was never a period where the bowlers made the batsmen feel the pressure consistently. The partnership among the bowlers was just not there.

Whenever there was a good over, it was followed by a pretty ordinary over where the batsmen got loose balls to score and the pressure got off them.

Anderson acknowledges that the opposition showed some good batting skills as well. It’s obviously not possible to stitch a 200 run partnership without skills and application, but, in his opinion, England can only reflect on how they went about their business throughout the day. Was the bowling as good as it could have been? It certainly wasn’t.

Talking about the South Africa series, Anderson says that England was pretty tight as a bowling unit in the latter half of that series and it was the same in the opening test against West Indies too, but, this game, it’s been all over the place so far and it surely can’t be like this moving ahead to the Ashes otherwise retaining the Ashes would be really, really difficult.