According to one of England’s cricket Legends, The current world number one team will hold that position “for quite a while now”. Ian Bothem made the comments after England defeated Sri-lanka in their second test to level the series at one all.

England achieved the world number one ranking after defeating India soundly four tests to zero last year. It was a defining moment in English cricket to finally reach the world number one spot after so many years.

Unfortunately they lost their next series three tests to nil against Pakistan. The series which was played in the United Arab Emirates for security reasons was a disaster for English cricket with the team losing both its form and moral. Things went from bad to worse when they lost their first test to Sri-lanka meaning they had lost four test matches in a row.

Botham however believes that England’s poor form isn’t reflective of the team actual ability and that the team will hold onto the top spot for a while at least. When asked about what went wrong Botham responded by saying “I don’t know what went wrong in the first part of the winter. It was really weird, all of that.” Botham was especially critical of the English batting line up who he claims “just didn’t show up. Why that is, I haven’t got a clue, and I don’t think they know.” He said.

One explanation Botham did put forward was that the number one ranking may have gone to the players heads and they may have let their guards’ down a little which you can’t afford to do in international cricket.

He said their poor showing should serve as a reminder that nothing should ever be taken for granted. He said that he expects that now having learnt that lesson, England will “come good again”. According to the latest cricket betting odds, England remain firm favourites to retain their T-20 World Cup title later this year.