Anderson: Hameed better than Cook

Alastair Cook may be the only England Cricketer to have a total tally of test runs in five figures, but James Anderson (a team-mate of his throughout his career) reckons that the technique of the left hander is not as good as that of the teenager Haseeb Hameed.

Anderson says the calibre that Hameed possesses for somebody who is less than twenty years old, it’s almost scary. The veteran pacer backs Hameed to come good in Australia despite the fact that he will have to face a lot of hostility when he flies there this summer.

Anderson has no doubt that the Kangaroos would a few things to distract Hameed and would probably try to intimidate him as well because he is so young and they never give an easy ground to youngsters.

But, in his opinion, if there is one youngster who can soak in all that and perform, it is Hameed because along with a lot of talent, he has got a calm demeanour as well.

As per Anderson, he would ideally not like to hype Hameed because sometimes when people hype youngsters, they all of a sudden lose their way, but, he is someone whom he and the England fans can be pretty excited about.

Hameed has only featured in three matches at the test level so far and has not registered any three-figure score to his name, but, his solidity with the bat in the 6 innings that he played in India gave immense hope to England for the future. The bookmakers have also taken note of his batting ability, with many offering less than evens on him hitting a century in international cricket in 2017 – though you might be able to find better odds on

For a youngster from Southern hemisphere, there can’t be a harder challenge than starting his career in subcontinent. You can be totally exposed by the pitches which spin like cobra. But, Hameed managed to keep his shape even in those alien conditions.